I know a few Dads but this guy, right here, is the best.

Jesus C.


Not many people know this but Big Brown Dad put me up on the fatherhood game.

Mr. D.

5x Dad Of The Year, 1984-89

You might find a few bigger, even a couple browner but you’ll never find one daddier.



5 Things Brown Dads Must Change, Pronto!

HEY, BIG BROWN DAD! You think you’re doing big things over there – -with your bloggy blog on fatherhood, starring you, Super Dad? Must be nice to have the time for hobbies like that.  I used to have hobbies  but then I became a mom! Now, I’m so busy,...

Brown Dad, White Kid

Big Brown Dad is a blog dedicated to providing parents the magical salve that makes most of this mayhem manageable: laughter.  If you’re not laughing at yourself (or, more enjoyably, other parents) then you’re doing it all wrong.  I’ve been laughing...

I’m So Exhaust…Nevr Min

My time at Occidental College was amongst the most formative experiences in my life, in no small part because the diverse community of students helped shape my worldview.  I met a gang of smart, funny, passionate people @ Oxy and through the power of Facebook,...


Hot sauce?  Chile?  Salsa?  The nomenclature can be befuddling.  But that taste tho.  This is a regional beaut, from Tucson, Az and was a staple of my upbringing.  This is the bottle in the kitchen of my youth. Fuxwitme.  Like... read more

3 Simple Steps To A Killer Dad Bod

When I first heard that my 5’ 12”, 280lb, wide frame, beer belly, “former athlete”, out of shape ass was now considered the new hot sexy summer look circa June 2015, I looked up to the heavens and just pointed, knowing that the great spirit in the sky was smiling down... read more

Seriously, Cereal?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as disgusted with the millennials’ addiction to technology as you are. But before there was this: There was this: As a youngster, I devoured the back of  cereal boxes with as much enthusiasm as when I plowed through their... read more
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