Relax Out There: Top 5 Motocross Mistakes

There’s mistakes, and then there’s royal mistakes. If you don’t have the right motocross parts or dual sport riding gear at your disposal, then you’re bound to repeat some of the most common mistakes. Ever hear the term “rookie mistake?” Don’t overhear that phrase being used shortly after your name. These are the top 5 motocross mistakes that you can avoid with some due diligence:

  1. Supercharging

When you have parts on your bike that, frankly, don’t need to be there, (particularly when they’re too big for your model), you’re just asking for trouble. Get the right parts that fit your bike. Big and flash is all well and good, but function over style matters for your safety, and helps you look like a pro.

  1. Unbalanced

Motocross is specific; it’s not smooth like pavement, and balance is absolutely key. Maintaining your balance requires practice. Travelling at low speeds on an unpaved, sandy road can be one of the best ways to train yourself not to fall off.

  1. Throttle It, Clutch Tight

It’s the most common trick to get down—properly using your throttle and your clutch. There’s a term called “friction zone” that applies to those who master control over their bike when practicing motocross. The only way around this is constant practice, (and ensuring that your bike safety checks out).

  1. It’s Like Playing Guitar

Ever notice that great guitarists don’t look at the frets all the time when they play? Ever notice great motocross stars don’t look at their handles when they ride? Yes—there is a connection. Don’t get caught up worrying about your hands; keep your eyes ahead of you, and on your immediate environment, and you’ll do fine.

  1. Don’t Bare Bones It

Get the right gear. Those who think it’s “uncool” to talk about riding safety are the ones just doing it to showboat to their friends. Ever notice when someone gets in a scrape, you never hear, “I don’t know why you put a helmet on.”? That’s because having the right gear is always important, and never to be overlooked.

No matter what gear you’re sporting, or what your needs are, there’s only one spot to stop and shop— If we don’t’ have what you need, we’ll… well, let’s be honest—we definitely have what you need. You’ll never know if you don’t stop on by.

Play Date: Kelby Park, Covina


Kelby Park

Kelby Park 815 N Barranca Covina, Ca

Kelby Park @ Joclyn Center

Covina has parks aplenty, each distinctive.

See my reviews of Hollenbeck, Heritage and The Secret Park

I’ve had my eye on Kelby Park for sometime.  It offers a vast expanse of green space, perfect for picnics, soccer, football, racing, freeze-tag, three-flies-up, volleyball and indelible grass stains.


The distance from parking lot to playground is 91 furloughs.

Kelby’s playground, though, can be a source of worry for parents with kids under 5 years old.


And the Devil said, “This play area has been designed for children 5-12 years of age.”

According to the signage, the playground is rated for kids up to 12 years old.  First, If your 12 year old is still having fun with swings and slides, consider yourself very lucky…or very unlucky, I can’t call it.


On my view, parks in Covina would be better utilized if they included kids ages 3 and up in their design plans and let the 10-12 year olds commence with drug use and snap chat.  Really tho.

Of course, since Jocko can’t read, and because I have unreasonable expectations of my kid(s), I allowed him to rush the playground unencumbered by the shackles of fear…and reason.


“Dad, do you have the Kaiser card on you?”

Now, as far as I can tell, Kelby Park has the best slides in Covina.  Take a look at Big Red and Lil’ Red Rivers.  Jocko rode both of them till the paint started to rub off on his clothes.

Big Red: high velocity, difficult dismount.

Big Red: high velocity, difficult dismount.

Lil Red Rivers: slippery but scalable.

Lil Red Rivers: slippery but scalable.

But their swing set is wack.  It lacks child seats for heaven’s sake!

Swingle and ready to Mingle.

Swingle and ready to Mingle.

But what disturbs me most about the park is the lackluster signage–as in, it can’t be read from the street because it lacks an adequate amount of luster.  This must change…now!

mas luster, por favor.

mas luster, por favor.

Please, if you love your children, send your donations to the Mas Luster Foundation and help us fight the blight.

Big Brown Dad


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