This place is a winner, there are hundreds like them in LA, but none have the honest ownership, friendly staff, and creative venue that IN PLAY LA puts together.  Call them, talk to the owners, tell them what you want and work out the price as you go, very flexible and affordable.  This is the place stop looking.

Look this is simple, a lot of these in door play rooms are just that, rooms with stuff to play with and a couple paid adults to make sure little Sarah doesn’t choke down too much pizza or ask for another pre paid juice box.  BUT THIS PLACE IS DIFFERENT!

In PLAY LA takes care of your whole experience.  I’m a father of two boys (3) and (4).  We have been patrons of these indoor play arenas for the last 2.5 years: birthdays, baptismals, or random Friday afternoon fun.  So let me run down the essentials and then tell you why driving to the Valley for your toddlers next birthday party is worth it.

Is it safe?

Absolutely:  Every corner padded and every child proof mishap accounted for.

Is it clean?

Check: 7 generation or whatever non scented non toxic pro hippy cleaner they use to spray it all down- works.  The balls in the ball pit where fresh and brand new, the toys were picked up and prepared for 3 year old destruction, the bath room (one large restroom very family friendly) was sparkling  and also had a changing table, a stool and age appropriate sinks/towels/and mirrors so every one there felt at ease while using the lavatory.

Is it fun?

Nailed it!:  I have been to this place as a guest and I liked it so much I brought my son back for his third birthday.  Both parties displayed the space’s capacity to  hold you and all your guests.  The front room was designed to host the cake cutting and offered seating for that one aunt who shows up late and doesn’t want to see any children.  A quaint playroom with a large chalkboard for your smaller guests to play in is just past the main entrance and then it opens up into a pretty awesome play area with a jumper a playscape complete with slide that lands you in a ball pit.  Pretty legit.  From there kids can ride toy cars and play indoor basketball and run off all that energy.  For hiding between store fronts in the middle of Lankershim this place is a true diamond in the rough.  This place was so great I thought about what it would take to open up my own similar business, they made it seem so easy.


Here’s the cool part and what sets them apart from other indoor play rooms: Parents and adults have their own space to chill! That’s right I said it, you can literally let your son/daughter have a great afternoon while you hang out in the back yard set up with shade and lounge chairs and venue for serving food. You are allowed and I encourage it, to bring your own food for your guests to enjoy…and…now this next part I’m going to say in my dad whisper voice, so the kids can’t hear…(you can bring your own adult beverages and offer your 21+ crowd an afternoon drank).  Talk about covering all your bases.  Everyone is happy and no clean up, c’mon…

They can decorate the venue with any theme and custom fit your needs with any flexible package, just ask, they will work with you.  Stop looking, this is it.  You’re welcome!

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