New parents want the best for their babies, which is why they often turn to baby lotions, creams and other products that promise it. But, many times, the companies that make these skin care items don’t actually intend to source the best. Sometimes, they don’t even know what it is.

Baby product ingredients on a bottle or jar shouldn’t be synthetic or harmful and still be referred to as “best for a baby.” Yet, that’s what’s happening. Organic and natural baby care products, on the other hand, really do have baby (and baby’s environment) in mind.

What’s In Non-Organic Baby Skin Care?

Non-organic baby skin care often contains artificially fragranced and colored petroleum gel, mineral oil, mineral gel and even detergent. It frequently has antibiotics and antiseptics in it, and sometimes it incorporates disinfectants like pure-chemical boric acid. All of these typically do one thing: entice a parent to combat fears of dirt, germs, rashes and other not-always-harmful things with a product that’s effective on the surface but actually too harsh for a little one’s body.

It Comes Down to Chemistry

If you’ve spent any time in a chemistry lab, you know that prolonged contact with the chemicals we’ve mentioned, even with an adult’s skin, is damaging. On a baby’s skin, which is new and not able to protect itself as well as a grown person’s, these ingredients can be even more toxic. The skin is our largest organ. It breathes and soaks up what we put on it like a sponge. If we load it with chemicals, it becomes clogged and poisoned, causing a myriad of health conditions.

Organic Skin Care Ingredients

With organic skin care for your baby, you have a safe and gentle product made with natural and safe ingredients, such as hydrating pure water, soothing plant oils, healing botanical essences and calming nut milks. Nothing is made with dangerous chemicals because it can’t be if it’s going to be called organic, and because it shouldn’t be.

Baby Mantra only makes organic baby skin care. We formulate all of our products with the intention of giving you something that’s gentle, safe, effective and enjoyable to use. That’s all you need and that’s all your baby needs.

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