This is our dog, Birdie Covarrubias Aguilar.

WWF Intercontinental Champ: The British Bulldog!

bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay!

Maya named her and we still don’t know where she got the name.

But it is of some linguistic interest to note that 8 of the 10 top female dog names of 2013 had a similar phonetic ending as our beloved Birdie (e.g., Lucy, Bailey, Daisy, Maggie).  Theories?

The sobering truth about Birdie is she sometimes stinks.  She’s a big girl with a big head who seriously sweats.


sorry, couldn’t resist the chris christie dis.

While I’ve bathed her,  she’s never as clean as when she returns from the groomer. The same truth that governs sandwich making, whereby a sandwich always tastes better when someone else makes it, can also be applied to dog grooming.

I’ve tried out a few places in the area but was referred to Bark Place by a fellow Covina bulldog owner.  Wudup, Frankie Bulldog?

Bark Place 934 N Citrus Ave Covina, Ca

Bark Place 934 N Citrus Ave Covina, Ca

I knew Bark Place was a different kind of joint as soon I walked in.  It didn’t smell like bad perfume, wet towels or dog piss.  In fact, for a second,  I thought I’d walked into a photo studio in Santa Monica.

yes, i’m here for my close-ups.

Kathy, the co-owner,  is knowledgable, nice and has a genuine love for dogs.  That was apparent after watching her interact with customers.  Kathy worked at a veterinarian’s office for several years and is fast to share knowledge gleaned from her time there.  Did you know that bulldogs can get acne from playing with plastic toys?  Dammit, neither did I!

Kathy & Birdie.

Kathy & Birdie.

 Bark Place uses organic shampoos, hand dryers and freshly washed towels (uhum, which is apparently an exception in the area).

Their prices are eminently reasonable. I paid $25 for the Birdie bath and met a couple who travelled from San Dimas to get their large, Golden Retriever some love.  Their price was $25 less than what they were charged at a pet-store.

And this summer, Bark Place is throwing BBD readers a bone! Tell them Big Brown Dad referred you and you’ll get a 5% discount!

Now, excuse me, I have some dog poop to scoop.


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