I know a few Dads but this guy, right here, is the best.

Jesus C.


Not many people know this but Big Brown Dad put me up on the fatherhood game.

Mr. D.

5x Dad Of The Year, 1984-89

You might find a few bigger, even a couple browner but you’ll never find one daddier.



Hip Hop Pops: Elias

Hip Hop Pops is a series of interviews with Dads who’ve staked out careers in hip hop while raising their seed(s). As you know, hip hop is heralded for its excesses.  Rappers are expected to flout convention, law, even common sense.  Parenting, though, involves...

Hip Hop Pops: Judah 1

As the name implies, Hip Hop Pops is a series of interviews with Dads who’ve carved out careers in hip hop while raising a family. That shit aint easy but some of us be bout it bout it. Peep my Hip Hop Pops interviews with Propaganda and Red Cloud, for examples....

Bobbing and Weaving

I’ve never been keen on the notion that “Latinos” have fighting in their ‘blood.’  If anything, anecdotal data suggests we have eating in our blood, maybe even diabetes, but fighting?  Spare me the anti-scientific, racial mythologizing....

Sorry, Mother.

Warning: This post is not intended for the faint of heart. I have to confess, I’ve been a terrible son. Although I love Mother Earth, I’ve done her wrong for too many years. I’m Mexican-American, so you know my recycling-for-cash game is on lock.  I...

TWIMC: Spelling Be ?!?! Pt.1 of 2

To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing to express my disappointment over a stale box of Jujubes and my concern over the prospect of mass mispronunciation of Jujubes as a result from the current spelling. First, I purchased a 6.5 oz box of Jujubes from Blockbuster Video...

Hip Hop Pops: MC Red Cloud

Hip Hop Pops is a series of profiles highlighting fellas who’ve carved out careers in hip hop while raising a family. See our first installment with Humble Beast Recording Artist, Propaganda here. It used to be the case that parents and hip hop just didn’t...

Hip Hop Pops: Propaganda

Hip Hop Pops is a series of interviews profiling dads who’ve carved out careers in Hip Hop while raising a family. Ed OG, in nineteenth hundred and ninety-first year of our Lord, said it best: Some people wrongly assume the spirt and posture of hip hop is...
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